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Ideas for your Rolling Tray Flyer Design

Rolling Tray Flyer

A rolling tray flyer is a promotional material or advertisement typically used to showcase and promote your brand, product, event, store, etc. Which are novelty accessories for rolling joints, blunts, etc. People love Rolling Tray Flyers and hang on to them for years. They are a great value for the amount of use they get.

When designing your Rolling Tray Flyer think about these things-

  1. Product Images: High-quality images of products, store fronts, etc.

  2. Product Information: Details about the brand or product.

  3. Promotions: Special offers, discounts, or promotions to incentivize purchases, such as bundle deals or limited-time discounts.

  4. Brand Information: Details about the brand or manufacturer, including their mission, values, and other products they offer.

  5. Contact Information: Ways for customers to get in touch, such as a website, email address, or social media handles, for inquiries or purchases.

Overall, a rolling tray flyer aims to capture the attention of potential customers, educate them about the benefits of rolling trays, and encourage them to make a purchase. These flyers may be distributed at cannabis dispensaries, events, smoke shops, on the street, or other locations frequented by individuals. People hang on to Rolling Tray Flyers for years and they get reused.


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