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Rolling Tray Flyer Template

Below are the Rolling Tray Flyer templates (TOP & BOTTOM). Feel free to download them to design your custom Rolling Tray Flyers. If you need help with the design process, one of our talented designers can design them for an additional fee.

Please note: The TOP file is what will show on top when folded and in use. The BOTTOM file is what's on the bottom and will NOT show when folded and in use.

How to save your file: Please outline all fonts and save them as .PDF files. PLEASE KEEP "TOP" AND "BOTTOM" AS PART OF THE FILE NAME SO YOUR ROLLING TRAY FLYERS ARE EXACTLY THE WAY YOU WANT THEM. (Example: dispensaryname_top.pdf and dispensaryname_bottom.pdf)

RTF-5.5x4.2OG5RT-Template BOTTOM
Download AI • 53KB

RTF-5.5x4.2OG5RT-Template TOP
Download AI • 60KB


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